Where passion, potential, and possibility collide.

Integrity Custom has always been in the re-use and re-invent business. Starting out in the Dallas "M" streets, I acquired a sour taste early on when I witnessed original parts of beautiful, historic homes being replaced with newer (read: shoddy and cheap) materials.

That distaste steered my business in the opposite direction, with a heart for restoration, and landed us here in McKinney, where we've found a community of like minded restorers and salvagers. As a contractor, I've run into a big problem, though. There just isn't enough old materials left anymore. The deconstructive consequence of the rise of the McMansion is that many of these beautiful pieces of American history were carelessly discarded.

The best answer to a problem, however, is when your predicament collides with others.  Out of the ashes arises a perfect solution for all parties.

This particular solution came after years of Saturday morning rummaging trips. My wife and I have always loved to go antiquing and junking. In the beginning of our marriage, it was the only way for us to get the things we needed!

Fast forward a few years later and we've gone from an empty backseat to a couple of full ones, but we're still pulling a trailer and searching for not only the things that we (and my clients) need but pieces of history that demand to be saved.

Along our travels, we've come across individuals who, when they catch wind of an historic home being torn down,  rush in and save as much of it as they can. And there's the dilemma. They have empty pockets, but warehouses full of corbels, wood, molding, and abandoned furniture, all with unrealized potential.

Tumbleweeds Architectural Supply Company was born out of a desire to 1). offer historically significant pieces for restoration and renovations and 2) to save as much Americana history as we can fit into our trailer.  We honor the craftsman of the past by recycling and re-using their expertly built pieces. We want to support those individuals that feel as passionately about restoration and recycling as we all do,  all the while, providing North Texas with pieces that will bring individuality and authenticity to their homes. Some we see used as their original purpose, and other pieces we offer as re-envisioned heirloom, farm tables and artisan chicken coops.

Sign up for our early bird list, to receive the latest Tumbleweeds news, regarding when we are open and when we are bringing new merchandise to the store. We will have our first open house April 15-16, and can't wait to share the story and vision of the pieces that are waiting for their new homes.