Texas Historic Renovation. The John Ourand Home & Denison, TX.

We have stripped away almost anything that was not original to the home, and the majesty of it's design and beauty of the details are shining through. I know many designers who would call this job finished and move in immediately! The John Ourand home is THAT stunning.

The star detailing on the molding above the stair stands out to me. It epitomizes this sleepy Texas town of Denison. It's a reminder of the historic significance of the man who envisioned and built this home: John Ourand was one of Denison's first settlers and reportedly served as postmaster of Red River City. He also heavily invested in the city by building a hotel, The Ourand Hotel, saloon, and a theater. And Denison, is the birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th president. The town is steeped in history and in 1908 was labeled the Texas Gateway: A Busy Progressive City with Golden Opportunities.

Juxtapose the heaviness of that star with the gently curves and smoothness of the inset marble shelf, and you've go the essence of one of the few Italian Villa style homes to be built in this area of North Texas. The contrast of those materials makes me smile.

Keep following for more fabulous details of this restoration.

John Ourand Staircase
Ourand Home Marble Shelf