Outside Details of the Ourand Home

We have salvaged an entire house to provide historically correct building materials for theOurand home restoration being completed by our parent company Integrity Custom. John Ourand began building this Italian Style Villa home in Denison, TX in 1883. He played a major role in the development of this area, also building a hotel on Main Street and serving as Post Master. This home is full of history, and we look forward to documenting it's journey back to beauty.

The outside details are nothing short of amazing. The corbels and decorative molding around the windows and doors are made of zinc. On some, only the multiple layers of paint were holding the pieces together. One of the great tasks was finding a craftsman to fill in those missing pieces. We can't wait to see them be brought back to their full beauty!

We'll post inside pictures next week. We've spent many months carefully peeling away layers of paint and wallpaper. It was necessary to bring it back to square one in order to provide an accurate and solid restoration. Stay tuned.