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How To Decorate A Room Vintage Style?

vintage style furniture

First we should look at what is vintage, what does it mean and what is considered vintage? This will then aid us into knowing how to decorate a room in a vintage style and so on. If you are looking at where to buy vintage clothing this may not be for you as this guide is more about vintage furniture products. 

What Makes Something Vintage?

Vintage is a style, a feeling, and a vibe. But it also denotes age, class, and style. 

How To Decorate A Room With Vintage Suitcases?

Vintage suitcases are fantastic. They pose questions, and spark interest:

Where have they travelled?

Who have they belonged to?

What are their stories?

They also look the part and are actually readily available.These items are easy to convert, and make them have a new lease of life. 

You can also do the same with vintage trunks and storage trunks. These can be converted into storage trunks which look fab and can be converted. 

What Is Vintage Style Decorating?

vintage style furniture
vintage style furniture

Anything can be vintage style decorating, something that looks old, something that looks new, but is in an old style…. You can get inspiration from anywhere.

Certain light fittings look great in a vintage style, and we know sometimes people make the mistake of overdoing it and  adding too much when really, Vintage style can be an accent piece here and there and look as effective. 

How Old Is Vintage?

A lot of people agree that Vintage style is 1940’s and 50’s styles. This has a make do and mend kind of feel, one where a lot of things were home made and have that home style vibe.

Alternatively, it really just refers to something that is original and from its time. Things from the 90’s are now classed as vintage, and so on and so forth. 

What is Considered Vintage?

Clothing, Furniture, Records, Cars. Mostly items that are intact or have aged well, and are a little bit iconic! You can find out about how to identify vintage costume jewelry here. Maybe some of you are wondering how to identify vintage levis? Really there is nothing to stop someone from finding out how to make a shirt look vintage and cashing in on that, but even so, vintage decor is more about a feeling than authenticity. 

What Does Vintage Mean?

Vintage means old, but it means more than that – it kind of means old and high quality, or very authentic to the time period. You may wonder what is the meaning of vintage? But if you know you know. It is really a vibe, a feeling thing when it comes to this style of decorating and design. 

Where To Buy Vintage Books For Decor?

You can buy vintage books from specialist stores, online, or at a charity store. Some people also end up selling them at yard sales and church fates. Anywhere really! You can get some pretty cool ones for decoration purposes online, and on specialist websites if you want to be really fancy. 

Having a Vintage item as a focal piece can really top off a room, and make it amazing. Decorating a room vintage style is truly the way to make it stand out and having guests go ‘wow’! time and time again. Trust us. Having even that one item as a focal piece will be the way for your interior design skills to go noticed, and have a memorable space that will go down in history.

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