Historic Home Renovation

We restore your historic home to its former glory. Leave it to us, to see your historic home restored. Texas has some of the finest specimens of historic homes, so check out below the services we offer and see if you fit the bill!


Got a dilapidated staircase? We can help it become structurally sound once again, and fit for family/home use. 


If your staircase or other features in your home are missing, we can use salvaged materials to match and patch in a solution. We can also protect from woodworm, rot, and damp. 


We also offer our clients an optional service of original period furnishings. We have a lot of original pieces in our warehouse just waiting for the right loving home, so come ask us about that if it sounds like something you would be interested in!



Great – We have the initial structure fixed. Now what?

We can also help with the interior design of your place. Whether you want original features and looks or more of a mix of modern and classic elements.