And The Winner Is........

We had some amazing entries for our Chicken Coop Design Contest. I wish we could build all of them! In the end, the judges chose Gleason's Super Chick's Design! Her design is a perfect fit in historic downtown McKinney. Integrity Custom donated the manpower to build it and we of course donated the salvage materials.  It's up for display at Chestnut Square in McKinney and ready to host your backyard chickens.  Go check it out and bid HERE today. Proceeds will be split between Chestnut Square Historical Village and Parks Church Community Meals Program.

Backyard Chicken Coop
Backyard Chicken Coop
Backyard Chicken Coop
And the design that started it all!

And the design that started it all!



Texas Historic Renovation. The John Ourand Home & Denison, TX.

We have stripped away almost anything that was not original to the home, and the majesty of it's design and beauty of the details are shining through. I know many designers who would call this job finished and move in immediately! The John Ourand home is THAT stunning.

The star detailing on the molding above the stair stands out to me. It epitomizes this sleepy Texas town of Denison. It's a reminder of the historic significance of the man who envisioned and built this home: John Ourand was one of Denison's first settlers and reportedly served as postmaster of Red River City. He also heavily invested in the city by building a hotel, The Ourand Hotel, saloon, and a theater. And Denison, is the birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th president. The town is steeped in history and in 1908 was labeled the Texas Gateway: A Busy Progressive City with Golden Opportunities.

Juxtapose the heaviness of that star with the gently curves and smoothness of the inset marble shelf, and you've go the essence of one of the few Italian Villa style homes to be built in this area of North Texas. The contrast of those materials makes me smile.

Keep following for more fabulous details of this restoration.

John Ourand Staircase
Ourand Home Marble Shelf

Outside Details of the Ourand Home

We have salvaged an entire house to provide historically correct building materials for theOurand home restoration being completed by our parent company Integrity Custom. John Ourand began building this Italian Style Villa home in Denison, TX in 1883. He played a major role in the development of this area, also building a hotel on Main Street and serving as Post Master. This home is full of history, and we look forward to documenting it's journey back to beauty.

The outside details are nothing short of amazing. The corbels and decorative molding around the windows and doors are made of zinc. On some, only the multiple layers of paint were holding the pieces together. One of the great tasks was finding a craftsman to fill in those missing pieces. We can't wait to see them be brought back to their full beauty!

We'll post inside pictures next week. We've spent many months carefully peeling away layers of paint and wallpaper. It was necessary to bring it back to square one in order to provide an accurate and solid restoration. Stay tuned.

Just One Door.

We finished a walk through this morning of the John Ourand Home in Denison, TX. Integrity Custom is performing the historic renovation and Tumbleweeds is providing the materials we need to restore this beautiful piece of Texas history to the majesty it was when first built.
There are so many pieces and stories to this home that we can't wait to share with you. But for today, this side door caught our eye.

John Ourand Home in Denison, TX.

John Ourand Home in Denison, TX.

Our Current Obsessions.

"They don't make things like they used to, but we find the things they used to make."

Here are just a few of the great antique pieces that are currently in our McKinney, TX showroom. We're open most Monday-Fridays from 8am-5pm. Closed for lunch from 12-1pm. Stop in, say hello, but you might want to bring the truck!

New Year. New Doors.

We love the crisp beginning of the new year; full of fresh determination, convictions, and lists of projects that THIS will be the year to complete. We're project people and this time of year, my friends, is project planning prime time. The excitement in our clients' voices is contagious and propels us to courageously delve into our own dream lists.

Both Tumbleweeds and parent company Integrity Custom are dreaming BIG this year. Spring boarding off of last year's monumental successes and the opening of Tumbleweeds, we have laid the groundwork for more ways to serve our clients and walk beside them as they turn their dreams into reality.

Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  We can't wait to share what new doors we will walk through together in 2017!


Speaking of doors....we are drooling over this door that found it's way to the Tumbleweeds floor. Look at that patina and hardware...absolute perfection!


The Perfect Pine Armoire

One of Tumbleweed's more unusual pieces is this French Pine Armoire. The details and curves have a Moroccan feel and it's one of my favorite items on the showroom floor! Definitely a statement piece in a neutral space. I've added an inspiration photo, but couldn't find anything as detailed as ours. You get the idea, though. We'll build custom interior shelves for the new owner.

Dimensions are 45 inches wide, 100 inches tall & 11 inches deep. It's a steal at $2200 and we offer white glove shipping services. Email for details.

We came across this inspiration photo, although we think our armoire is pretty special! We do love the way pine looks in an all white room!

Our Client's Home is featured in Country Living!

Have you seen the July/August 2016 Issue of Country Living? The home of one of our favorite clients, Cindy Williams, is featured. Her superb decorating skills and vision made renovating her home more play than work! Thanks, Cindy, for allowing Integrity Custom (and Tumbleweeds) to walk alongside you in making this the home of your dreams!

Country Living Magazine

McKinney's Tour de Coop Auction Winner!

"It was beautiful before but my plan was blue, for my blue egg layers! So well built! Thanks for your contribution to Tour de Coop." Cathy G.


Cathy won the auction for the custom chicken coop that we built and donated to the Mckinney Chicken Coop tour to benefit Chestnut Square Historical Village and Parks Church Community Meal. Thanks for sharing that stellar review with us, Cathy!

If you are interested in a custom designed and built chicken coop, send us a message. These projects are our favorite! We love to see the joy that a few urban chickens bring to a home. It's the little things in life!

Oh, and don't forget to check out our previous posts for details on how to win a custom farmhouse table from Tumbleweeds!

Prior to the paint job.

Prior to the paint job.

Where passion, potential, and possibility collide.

Integrity Custom has always been in the re-use and re-invent business. Starting out in the Dallas "M" streets, I acquired a sour taste early on when I witnessed original parts of beautiful, historic homes being replaced with newer (read: shoddy and cheap) materials.

That distaste steered my business in the opposite direction, with a heart for restoration, and landed us here in McKinney, where we've found a community of like minded restorers and salvagers. As a contractor, I've run into a big problem, though. There just isn't enough old materials left anymore. The deconstructive consequence of the rise of the McMansion is that many of these beautiful pieces of American history were carelessly discarded.

The best answer to a problem, however, is when your predicament collides with others.  Out of the ashes arises a perfect solution for all parties.

This particular solution came after years of Saturday morning rummaging trips. My wife and I have always loved to go antiquing and junking. In the beginning of our marriage, it was the only way for us to get the things we needed!

Fast forward a few years later and we've gone from an empty backseat to a couple of full ones, but we're still pulling a trailer and searching for not only the things that we (and my clients) need but pieces of history that demand to be saved.

Along our travels, we've come across individuals who, when they catch wind of an historic home being torn down,  rush in and save as much of it as they can. And there's the dilemma. They have empty pockets, but warehouses full of corbels, wood, molding, and abandoned furniture, all with unrealized potential.

Tumbleweeds Architectural Supply Company was born out of a desire to 1). offer historically significant pieces for restoration and renovations and 2) to save as much Americana history as we can fit into our trailer.  We honor the craftsman of the past by recycling and re-using their expertly built pieces. We want to support those individuals that feel as passionately about restoration and recycling as we all do,  all the while, providing North Texas with pieces that will bring individuality and authenticity to their homes. Some we see used as their original purpose, and other pieces we offer as re-envisioned heirloom, farm tables and artisan chicken coops.

Sign up for our early bird list, to receive the latest Tumbleweeds news, regarding when we are open and when we are bringing new merchandise to the store. We will have our first open house April 15-16, and can't wait to share the story and vision of the pieces that are waiting for their new homes.