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Walls, Floors & Ceilings.


Because we specialize in architectural salvage. We have a lot of spare materials, timbers, beams etc that can be put to good use. As well as items of furniture, we also have timber cladding that looks great on walls and floors. 

As well as that we have a great selection of everything else, from tiles to doors to skirting board. 

bespoke ceilings

We can make your ceiling structurally sound again, and make something beautiful in the process! Check out this ceiling we made for a local church in Mckinney. 

reclaimed ceiling

Wood restore

We can restore your ceiling/other surfaces, if they are breaking down. We have specialists that treat woodworm and other disease in wood. 

Doors, Paneling, Sills

We have a selection of salvaged doors ranging from Edwardian to Modern day. Check them out in our store! The devil is in the detail when it comes to design and interiors. 

shiplap cladding walls/floors

Get something original. Check out this Shiplap cladding house. Perfect for a rustic/beach vibe. We can also kit out Tiny homes, Van conversions and shipping container homes with this type of cladding in McKinney Texas. 

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